The 777 Writer’s Challenge

Not long after I started this new blog, Dennis Langley tagged me to take part in this challenge. I do want to put some of my work on here, so I thought that this would be an ideal way of doing it – the rules being that you turn to page seven of your WIP, go down to line 7 and then quote the next 7 sentences.

So, from my currently un-named WIP – here goes:

He had been seeing Matt weekly for a month now. After his divorce from Lexi had been finalised in October, Cal had begun the long process of accepting that he had lost her forever. Seeing Matt was part of this process, although Cal was only going along with it to keep his employer on side. Whilst they had been more understanding than most during his rash of unreasonable behaviour, even they had begun to reach their limit. When the managing director had delivered an ultimatum, Cal had been surprised to realise that he did actually care about his career. So, here he was.

“Okay I guess,” Cal replied, “although I could have done without seeing that newspaper report out there.


Reading it like this makes no sense at all, and I should also add that there are likely to be more changes before it is anywhere near ready for beta reading. But, at least it gives you a tiny flavour of what I am up to!

Thanks, Dennis for tagging me.