My 5k journey : Breathing

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It has become apparent that, after only a couple of minutes, my breathing is a little all over the place. Having spoken to a few fellow runners, I have been told that it is entirely possible to maintain a steady breathing routine, regardless of the distance that you run. Hmmm… okay…

One set of advice I was given was to breathe in through the nose and then out through the mouth, making sure that the out-breath is longer than the in-breath. I was also advised to make sure that I was breathing from my diaphragm (the bit that makes your tummy go up and down) rather than just the chest.

Practising these tips is easy when you are not actually running – doing them whilst on the move however, was infinitely more challenging. In the end I opted for a kind of mixture of both and inhaled, exhaled and puffed my way to my longest continuous run to date – 27 minutes.

I’d like to say that I enjoyed it but I am still a long way from that goal. I did however find that with my attempts at breathing, my recovery period at the end of the run was faster. I also felt that if my legs had been willing, I may have been able to puff and pant my way to 30 minutes – so I figure I am on the right track.


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In terms of distance I have now reached 4.1 km (I had to take a couple of breathers to get that far) so the 5k is in sight. All I need to do now is build up my stamina so that when race day comes, I don’t look like a bright red, wheezing, puffing monster as I cross the line.

Any tips on breathing anyone?