A little shove needed…

imageKevin, the hamster, has a new friend. The lovely Bridget has come to stay for her holidays. Given that this is the closest he has ever been to a female of the species, I expected much excitement and activity on his part. Even though his eyesight is not the best, I knew that he would be able to smell his new pal and I couldn’t wait for them to spend some valuable time together.

And, a few days into Bridget’s stay, I can happily report…


Complete disinterest in both camps.

Bridget: 'Well, if you can't be bothered...'

Bridget: ‘Well, if you can’t be bothered…’

Kevin: 'Works both ways, love...'

Kevin: ‘Works both ways, love…’

I am thinking that maybe his Dad never got around to giving him ‘the’ talk.