Why analytics is a must!

A couple of days ago I activated Google Analytics on my website. Over the last few months I’ve been monitoring the traffic to my site (www.annmariewyncoll.com) and there has been regular activity. Now that I am going to be publishing my book I felt it was important to find out who was visiting my site.

When I logged in to my analytics for the first time yesterday, this is what I found:


Considering this was the data from less than 24 hrs and I’m not actively marketing, I was chuffed with these figures. I was especially thrilled that my bounce rate was 0% (meaning that the users hung around) and that the session duration was over 6 minutes, meaning that they had read my content.

And then I started to dig a little deeper…

It turns out that my excitement was short lived. Upon analysing the demographics and language, I discovered that the only visitor to my website had in fact been a Russian robot who very kindly left me a ‘Vote Trump’ link which is (a) a tad late and (b) completely irrelevant since I live in the UK. Hmph…

S.H Horikawa – Star Strider Robot (スターストライダーロボット) – Front

However, I am looking at this as a positive. I was hoping that using analytics would assist me in targeting my market – which of course it will – but it is clear that it is also beneficial in showing me the true picture of who is visiting my site. If it turns out that all I am going to be visited by are robots, then I guess I need to think of a way to engage with them.

Suggestions anyone?