Safari, Adobe and the tale of ‘a modern version of flash’…

silver-apple-logo-apple-pictureApple users and anyone else with the Safari internet browser – this one’s for you.

I thought I would share this issue and resolution, purely because it took me literally hours to figure it out. In the end the answer was so simple! If I can prevent anyone else from tearing their hair (or anything else) out, then great!

The issue:

I was trying to use the video manager feature in YouTube and I kept getting an error message which said ‘a modern version of Flash player needs to be installed’. I had Flash installed with automatic updates, so I had no idea what it meant.

The solution:

Firstly, navigate to your System Preferences and, in the bottom left- hand corner, you should see the Flash player icon. If you don’t then you have not got Flash installed so you need to visit and download the latest version.


Click on the Flash player icon and then the tab marked ‘updates’. Make sure that the ‘automatic updates’ box is checked and then click on both of the ‘check now’ boxes at the bottom, one at a time. This will check your computer to see which version of Flash you have and will direct you to the appropriate download, should your version need updating.


Once you’ve updated then you’re good to go…or so I thought.

Believe it or not, just updating your Flash player is not sufficient – you actually have to tell Safari that you would like it to use the Flash player plug-in.

Tell Safari to use Flash player:

Open Safari and then click on the word ‘safari’ in the top left toolbar. From the drop-down menu select Preferences.

In the preferences box, navigate to the Security option and you will see this:


Make sure that the Internet plug-ins box is ticked and then click on ‘Plug-in Settings…’.

You will see this:


And this is where the problem lies.

You will see a list of websites with toggles On/Off. If YouTube or any website that you are trying to use with Flash player is listed here and the toggle is Off, then Safari does not know that you want Flash enabled on that site.

All you have to do therefore is select the website that you are trying to use, turn the toggle to On and then Flash player will work.

Da da..! Simple when you know how…






Dictation rocks!

I have just upgraded to my first ever iPhone (5s model) and despite some teething problems, I am firmly in love, not least because it completes my wonderful little Apple family.


bplanet via

Being an already happy owner of both an iPad (Air 2) and MacBook Pro, I am familiar with the operating system of the iPhone (I have an iPod too but that’s slightly different), however I had never used the dictation setting for sending text messages etc.. until the other day. A friend introduced me to it and now I can’t stop using it.

My one issue when I first used the iPhone was the keypad. The phone screen is not the largest thus the keyboard is quite small, and I found myself getting frustrated with it. The predictive text suggestion is in the top left of the bar rather than in the middle (as it was in my previous phone) and so my initial messages were slow and laborious. I had waited so long for an iPhone and I really didn’t want to dislike it so when I was introduced to the dictation setting – wow.

At first I felt silly talking to the phone but, when I saw the words appear on the screen as if by magic, I soon got over that. Now I find that I am dictating anything and everything which means – as I am a bit of a talker – that my friends are receiving War and Peace like text messages. Of course I have to make the odd correction after I have dictated, but it is so much easier.


Before digital dictation! dan via

My husband, when he first heard me talking to the phone, was a little sceptical. He didn’t understand how it would punctuate so I promptly sent him a message full of commas, full stops, exclamation marks and questions marks. He was converted. I love that you can say ‘full stop’ and it puts one in, or ‘exclamation mark’ and the same happens.

I know that I am probably a bit late to the party on this one but, when I then discovered the built in compass and leveller on the iPhone .. what can I say?

It was definitely worth the wait.

Anyone else love/hate their iPhone?