My 5k journey – Finding rhythm

Female legs jogging on a trailMy last two training runs of 20 mins and 30 mins respectively, have gone really well. I have found that my breathing is getting much better and that my legs are not groaning quite so much. Moreover, I am starting to get a little bit faster as I am running further in 30 mins than I was previously. Part of the improvement is undoubtedly down to keeping at it but I am sure that part of it is due to finding my rhythm.

At the beginning of a run I feel dreadful. Everything hurts (despite warming up), I am puffing and panting and mentally I cannot imagine running for even five minutes, then, after a short while things start to settle down which is what I have now come to recognise as my rhythm. My legs start to work in tandem rather than against each other, my breathing settles into a pattern and my arms pump at an even pace that I am able to sustain.


Running uphill is not fun! This is not part of my route but does depict a typical English country road.

When I get to this point the actual running part doesn’t feel so bad – the only downside is that whenever I hit an uphill climb, the rhythm is affected. I have been told that the best way to run up hills is to use smaller steps and I find that this works, however it means that my stride is shortened and I have yet to manage to switch comfortably from my ‘normal’ rhythm to an ‘up hill’ rhythm and back again. Still, to have two decent runs under my belt without too much drama feels light years away from where I started!

I haven’t measured my distance yet although I plan to do that on my next 30 minute + run. I don’t think I am too far away from 5k so, with less than five weeks to go until race day, I feel more confident than I previously have, that I will be able to do this.







My 5k journey : Hampered again…

Every day plus

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Training has been going really well. I have been following the plan to the letter and yesterday I did another 30-minute run. It’s not a fast run, nor is it elegant, but I found it a little easier than the last time which is good enough for me.

Last night, however, someone up there decided to throw a spanner in the works. I don’t know if the weather has changed or the atmosphere has shifted, but my asthma flared up and my chest became tight. As a result I have to increase my medication and monitor the output from my lungs which means no running today – and I was scheduled to do 20 minutes.

I am hopeful that the meds will sort me out and I’ll be back on track in the next day or so but grrrrr……..! And grrrrr…… again!




My 5k journey : After three weeks off..

Compound_chocolate…and too much chocolate.

Getting back into running training was something I was dreading. I’ve not exercised for over three weeks now what with work, holidays and other commitments, so I was not looking forward to the day when I ran out of excuses. That day was yesterday.

In deference to my lack of exercise I opted for a ‘short’ run which under normal circumstances, I can complete. It totals at around 3.5km so a little over halfway towards the end goal.

I am pleased to report that actually, it wasn’t as bad as I feared although I didn’t run the whole distance. I did intervals as and when my body dictated – or rather my breathing dictated. When I could breathe, running was fine. When I couldn’t breathe, not so much.

Sura Nualpradid

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I have asthma and I have discovered that I can’t take in as much breath as I would like to when I am running, which I think is where the difficulty with breathing comes from. I have decided that I am going to do alternate days running and yoga in the hope that I can gradually improve my breathing and get to that all important goal.

So, all things considered, not too bad a return but I am not going to lie – this is really, really HARD!