My 5k journey : is complete!!

This time a week ago (Saturday), I completed my 5k run in the beautiful seafront setting of Southsea, Portsmouth, UK. The sun was shining and the scenery couldn’t have been more perfect.

I achieved my goal – which was to run the entire distance – and I finished in a reasonably respectable time of 39mins 52 secs. I would have liked to have been closer to 35mins but considering the hit and miss nature of my training over the last month, I was thrilled just to have finished.


Having a laugh pre-race

Having completed the race I thought that would be me done, but oddly, it’s not. I like the feeling of being fitter – even if I have not lost any weight as yet – and so I have decided to continue running with an aim of getting a faster 5k time in the future. I am also going to try to increase my distance and am looking at getting a 10k plan which I would like to try to run in Spring next year.


The all important ‘finishers’ medal

I wouldn’t say that I have enjoyed this journey – the training has been challenging and the race was much harder than I thought it would be – but I do feel proud of myself for sticking with it and knowing that I can achieve something like this has pushed me onwards. I am never going to be the most natural or fastest runner in the world, but if I can keep going and benefit from the fitness then I reckon that can only be good not just physically but, perhaps more importantly, mentally.

Thanks for following the journey with me!





My 5k journey : Hampered again…

Every day plus

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Training has been going really well. I have been following the plan to the letter and yesterday I did another 30-minute run. It’s not a fast run, nor is it elegant, but I found it a little easier than the last time which is good enough for me.

Last night, however, someone up there decided to throw a spanner in the works. I don’t know if the weather has changed or the atmosphere has shifted, but my asthma flared up and my chest became tight. As a result I have to increase my medication and monitor the output from my lungs which means no running today – and I was scheduled to do 20 minutes.

I am hopeful that the meds will sort me out and I’ll be back on track in the next day or so but grrrrr……..! And grrrrr…… again!




My 5k journey :Trail vs Road

Female legs jogging on a trailTo date I have done most of my training on the old railway line which runs alongside the river behind our house. The terrain is uneven, sometimes muddy and there are plenty of ups and downs. It is a beautiful route, the views are spectacular, however, because it is one long track, it is a case of running half of your desired distance and then turning around and retracing your steps.

Last week I decided I fancied a change and went on a circuitous road route taking in various local estates. Although not as pretty, the route did not repeat and within the first few minutes I was finding the going somewhat easier. There were still plenty of ups and downs – more ups than downs I am sure! – but my breathing was much more consistent and I managed to achieve my longest run to date: 4.4km, 31 minutes. Interestingly I also went a little faster – my split times being 30 seconds or more quicker on the road route.

Sura Nualpradid

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I was not aware until I compared the two that there would be that much difference based on the terrain, but I found it a real eye opener.

For the future I plan to alternate my training so that I am still giving myself the challenge of the trail run but I feel confident that by also training on the roads, I will be able to improve my stamina and times more readily.

Does this reflect anyone else’s experiences?




5k = tough but rewarding!

So yesterday – a few days later than planned – I tackled the dreaded 20 minute run which I mentioned in my first 5k journey post. Having previously bought and used one magnetic knee support, I have now invested in a second and yesterday was the first time I went out with both on. No longer did my knees hurt but running for the entire 20 minutes was really tough going.


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I downloaded an HIIT timer onto my iPhone along with the Map My Run app and I had these operating in tandem. The timer told me when I had got to half way (10 minutes) so that I could turn around and the Map My Run app gave me completed distance.

At the end of the 20 minutes I had run 1.6 miles which means I am looking at double that to get to 5k. Although elated at completing 20 minutes, the thought of doing double that fills me with dread! I had just about enough puff to do one lot of 20 minutes so I am hoping that as I continue to train, my lungs will become more compliant.

Next run is on Friday which is 15 minutes, and then another 20 minutes on Sunday.

More in the next post!