Here’s a lesson for you all

This is a really important lesson for us all. I learned the hard way too!

Brian Anthony

Having finished the draft of the first part of the novel last week, I’ve started from the beginning again, doing a readability and sense check. On Sunday night, having completed chapter 4, I saved my work and closed up my laptop, pretty much as normal.

Yesterday morning when I opened my lap top, instead of resuming Windows as it normally does, it informed me the previous run hadn’t been shut down normally. I selected the normal start option. This happens occasionally.

I think you know what’s coming here.

Usually, Open Office flags up documents which were open, and goes into recovery mode, On this occasion it didn’t. So I went into the folder and clicked on the document. It presented me with a panel headed ‘ASCII Filter Options’. Strange. I’d never seen this before. It contained a number of options which seemed to suggest it was importing from an ASCII file…

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Saying of the week

Open book and pages flying into skies

Meaning: The mole, the conspirator, the cause of a person’s downfall

Derived from: The death of King William III was caused by complications when he fell from his horse. The horse had stumbled over a molehill which had led to King William’s fall. Thus the mole became the cause of King William’s downfall.


Source: Oxford Dictionary of Idioms 2000




There are easier ways to sell books than through blogging

This sums up what my new blog is all about and could not be written in a better or more informative way. Well worth a read.

Suffolk Scribblings

Girl Scout Cookies

At the recent Bloggers Bash, one of the questions asked was why people started blogging. Many bloggers came up with the same answer, because they’d been told they needed to have a blog as an author platform in order to sell their books. When asked if blogging had helped, the answer from everybody was ‘not really,’ and while the answer wasn’t a ‘no,’ it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement.

This isn’t my first blog. I started blogging three years ago with another blog all about my writing journey (because nobody had thought of doing that before, right?). Over time I got bored about writing about writing so decided to start this blog where I could write about about anything, and I often did. However, I always had that piece of advice in the back of my mind, an author needs a platform to help promote and sell their books.

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