Authors : Website, blog or both?

3d human with a red question markI have a dilemma. My website run by GoDaddy ( is due to expire and I thus have the option to renew it for another year – at a fee.

I initially set up this website as a way to generate freelance custom, however, apart from setting it up I have done very little else and so it has just kind of ‘sat there’ for a year. This being the case, I had decided not to renew it but I figured I ought to see what had been happening to it before I deleted it. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I discovered that my website actually generates more traffic than my blog which I do spend time on and, even though its presence has not led to any business, it does mean that via my website, I am visible. This, from a marketing perspective, is huge.

With my new book due out early next year, it is important for me to be as pro-active and visible as I can be so I decided to add my blog link to my website in an effort to combine the two and kind of cross refer them. When my book is published I could use the website as a sales platform – should I decide to renew it.


Having just finished a digital marketing diploma via Shaw Academy (who I cannot recommend highly enough) I know that I need to be able to interact on a number of digital platforms but as we all know when we are doing this ourselves time is at a premium – so I thought I would ask all of you authors out there: what do you do?

Do you have a blog and website and if so, how do you manage them both?

Or do you just have one or the other? Have you found one to be more beneficial than the other?

Any thoughts and advice here would be much appreciated. Thank you!





4 thoughts on “Authors : Website, blog or both?

  1. I just set up a website for my new series. It only has one book, (with my first sort of in the wings as an aside), but it actually gets more traffic than my blog. My blog gets “likes” and Comments from my regulars, but the blog is reaching a broader audience from people who are, apparently, following a blog tour set up by my publicist. People want to know more about the author. I don’t get comments or like or too many shares, but there are there, scrolling through the pages, checking out what I have to offer and it’s only going to get better as the mailchimp newsletter comes out and more people begin to follow me as an author. I have been reluctant to give up my regular blog (much to my marketing directors dismay) because that’s where I connect with the people who have really gotten behind me and supported my endeavor. I like the person touch of the blog, so there is a link to my actual WP blog there. She says I should give it up entirely…but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.


    • Lol – no worries about the typos! And thanks so much for your feedback and response. I think we are kind of in the same position – my blog is followed and commented on by regulars with whom I don’t want to lose touch, but the website (which needs a makeover etc…) gets more traffic and that is where I want people to find me as an author. I only have the one book in a position ready to go in the near future but there are plenty more on the not too distant horizon. I guess I was just wondering what is most beneficial and it would see that your website is but… it would be a shame to lose the personal connection of the blog. Like you say, here is where those that have stood by you from the beginning are to be found. Hope you are having a good day 🙂

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