Red-breasted angel

I don’t very often write poetry, but this is something that I truly believe.

A little bird IMG_5866.JPG

Red-breasted angel

Someone once said

If a bird with breast of red

Visited me


It was a loved one passed on

Come to check upon



My Grandma I knew

Was the red-breasted bird who

Visited me


Landing carefully on the fence

When life made no sense

Helping me


On several dark days

She arrived and then stayed

Visiting me


Chirping louder than the rest

Always doing her best to

Support me


Then days became weeks

With no sign, no peep

Not visiting me


I searched the trees and the skies

She was not by my side

Leaving me


When today she returned

My eyes and heart burned

She was visiting me


Whilst she’d been silently away

She’d forced decisions my way

Loving me


As she sits now on the fence

I see the future from whence

She will visit me


For my decisions are made

My strength cannot be swayed

Holding me


My red-breasted sign

Of a life that can be mine

Feathers visiting me


The future is clear

My robin is here

Guiding me


© AnnMarie Wyncoll 2016


6 thoughts on “Red-breasted angel

  1. I adore robins and I have never thought of them in this way, but I think I will now. As a sign that someone who is no longer with me in a physical manner is actually still with me and supporting me in less tangible way. Thank you for sharing your lovely poem AnnMarie.


    • I read it in an article somewhere and shortly after that the robin starting coming regularly – and then it started coming when I was having really bad days. It may have been a coincidence but I do find its presence so comforting and I like to think that it is my Grandma reassuring me and telling me it’s all going to be okay. Thanks, Sarah.


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