Why do you write?

3d human with a red question markIf anyone ever asks me that question my answer is simple: because I have to – and I don’t mean ‘have to’ in the sense that someone is behind me with my arms in a deadlock, I mean ‘have to’ because my life feels incomplete without it. I have to write simply because if I didn’t, I would be lost.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been reading more than I have been writing. Some of this has been down to time constraints but some of it is simply due to my love of the written word – whether I am creating it or devouring it. I have been reading both inside and outside my genre which I feel is hugely beneficial from a writer development perspective and my reading has taken me to my much loved authors such as Jodi Ellen Malpas, S C Stephens, Jaimie Maguire, Sandra Brown and S J Watson to name but a few. These are all (in my opinion) extremely talented authors who are around and about the genre I would like to be.

Going further afield I have recently read my first novel by Ben Elton, 1984 by George Orwell and two brilliant self-published books by (as yet) unknown authors Kate Frost and Niels Saunders.


The diversity between these books is huge yet I have found myself appreciating them all for different reasons. Some have intricately woven plots, others have a brilliant writing style, some have characters that are so real I feel I could touch them and others leave me page turning until the early hours. There is no one single reason why these books have stayed with me yet they do all have one major thing in common – they are written with passion and commitment in a voice which is true to the author’s style. None of these books pretend to be something that they are not and nor do they apologise for what they are. They are simply the product of the passion of talented authors and if I have learned anything from my recent reading adventures it is this:

When you are asked the question, why do you write?, if it is for any reason other than the fact that it burns in your soul, it is your passion and it is your life, then I am not sure there is a point to writing because the thing is, your reader can tell. If you have not poured your heart, soul and love for your craft into your books then chances are you aren’t feeling the passion.  And, if you aren’t feeling it then you can be pretty sure your reader won’t be feeling it either.

New chapter concept.

I write because I have to, it really is that simple, and that’s why I shall carry on writing, writing and writing some more regardless of where my journey takes me – because I just cannot imagine my life without it.

Do you feel the same?







2 thoughts on “Why do you write?

  1. What a lovely surprise to see my name in your blog, AnnMarie, Being mentioned in the same sentence as George Orwell is definitely a first for me!

    Why do I write? Same as you–I have to! Once I come up with a character or a story, it takes hold of my imagination and won’t let go. It’s more than an itch that needs to be scratched. I’ll literally go nuts if I don’t let it out.


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