Decision made!

I am usually the decisive one but there is one dilemma that has had me tossing and turning endlessly: to self-publish or to try my luck with traditional publishers.

3d human with a red question mark

As referenced in my earlier post I have done a lot of research and read a lot of advisory literature and yet the right path has still eluded me – until Tuesday. On Tuesday, having had a particularly trying day, it just all fell into place. A light went on and it hit me square front and centre and I knew instinctively what I was going to do. I was going to…(drum roll)… SELF-PUBLISH!

As I’ve said before I am under no illusions as to how much work this involves but, in actual fact, that’s part of the attraction. Now that I have made the decision and I have a direction, I feel freer that I have in a while. I know what I have to do now and the hard work can really begin.

I have also decided to retain my pen name of Jade Reyner and my goal now is to have my second book out there by the New Year. This, I figure, will either be amazing or awful in terms of timing. In January everyone is depressed and might want a literary pick me up or alternatively, no one will have any money to spend. We shall see.


My first foray into self-publishing. This book is no longer available but I may decide to revive it at a later date.

Whatever the outcome I have finally dipped my toe back into the water and, over the next few months, I am really looking forward to becoming fully submerged. More details will follow.

Please feel free to share your self-publishing journey and any tips that you have in the comments below. Any and all ideas gratefully received.





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