My 5k journey : Back on track

Female legs jogging on a trailAfter my break and subsequent backward slide, I have finally managed to get my 5k journey back on track. Well, just about.

I downloaded a training schedule from the Great South Run website which is designed specifically to get me ready for the actual race and so far I have been following that. On Sunday I had to do my longest run to date – 30 mins – and it was a case of jogging and plodding but, the important thing is, I managed it! I began to find it really tough at about 23 mins in but I just kept telling myself I could do it – and I did.

At this point I know that I  couldn’t have gone much further but, when I think about where I started, I know that I am making consistent progress. The next few training sessions are shorter distances designed to increase speed – yeah, right. I’ll report back how those go next week!





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