What does your writing day look like?

In an ideal world, my writing day would look like this:

8.30am – Wave children off to school

8.30 – 9.30am – Do necessary chores

9.30am – 3.30pm – Writing time… bliss..

However, rarely does it look anything like this – there are always other commitments getting in the way.


Now that the school holidays are over I am thinking of trying to be more focused and by this I mean splitting my writing work into separate disciplines and then allowing each a specified time. The disciplines would be, for example, novel writing, social media, blogging, freelance non-fiction work etc..

The problem with this is that rarely do I find my writing works if I am doing it on a schedule. When I am writing my novels I find that I can write anything up to 7,000 words a day depending on how creative my brain is feeling – this, therefore, leaves little time for anything else that day. Blogging, social media and freelance work will thus take a back seat.

Am I trying to juggle too many things?

How do you organise your writing day?

Any thoughts or tips would be much appreciated!







4 thoughts on “What does your writing day look like?

  1. Me too am trying to balance all this, but find many inconveniences stepping out of nowhere..lol. Am trying to get that focusing time thing, but there is always something that will interfere in the writing process. I hope that in the end I will finally find my own pace of working schedule.


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