My 5k Journey : My top tips!

Female legs jogging on a trail

Don’t get too excited, I’m not there yet. I’m currently at about 4k (give or take the odd walk uphill!), but I have learned quite a lot so far, so I thought I would share my top tips:


  • Always take water with you – if you are dehydrated then it is much tougher to breathe  steadily.
  • Magnetic knee and ankle supports are worth their weight in gold.
  • It’s okay to walk during your run. It’s better to walk some and get there slowly than push yourself and get injured.
  • Improvements come in really small increments.
  • The first session back after a break is the toughest – it feels like the training has gone backwards.
  • Getting out three times a week is about right to improve at a reasonable pace.
  • Slow and steady is fine.
  • Don’t get bogged down with timings – eventually times will get faster but if they don’t, it’s not important. Achieving the distance is what matters.
  • Running with your body upright really helps. If you are leaning forwards then you are putting additional load onto yourself and it makes it much tougher.
  • Keep focused on the horizon and try not to drop your head.
  • An additional form of exercise (eg. pilates or yoga) can help massively with strength and conditioning.
  • Don’t beat yourself up because you are going slowly –  congratulate yourself on getting out there instead.

Helpful tips and advice on a yellow office noteAs I said I am not there yet and the journey is tough. Some days it’s like I am right back where I began but then others, it’s an easy ride. Hopefully if I persevere then it will even out and eventually I’ll be running the distance at a consistent pace.

Does anyone else have any top tips?