My 5k journey – has stalled…

Female legs jogging on a trailThis time last week I woke up to find the right side of my neck and shoulder seriously swollen and very painful. After blaming my husband for thumping me in the night (well, why not?), I began to treat it with ice, heat, very strong painkillers and Reiki/massage.

Today is the first day that I have not found myself in complete agony and the swelling appears to be finally receding. Needless to say that I have not been out training for well over a week now, thus my 5k journey is in a holding pattern.

All being well and if recovery continues as it is, then I plan to try a gentle run again on Monday. I will keep you posted!

Who ever said that running and exercise was good for your health…?





14 thoughts on “My 5k journey – has stalled…

  1. How about a little run along the beach this weekend ? Sadly won’t be joining you , but can have a cuppa ready for your return x


  2. Hi Ann Marie, sorry to hear your have been poorly, hope you recover soon, think you are one brave lady to attempt this run, hope you can get back to training soon, but don’t overdo it, take care, love to you all xx


      • Yes am keeping well thanks, still getting out and about, just waiting for summer to start!Take care love Barbie xx


    • Thanks, Mark. Yes, when I trained before I kept pushing even when it hurt and I think that didn’t really help. This time I am being sensible – hopefully! I have until October for the actual event so I should be okay. Thanks for your thoughts. 😊


  3. Glad you are doing better .. very important to listen to your body as well … Wrote about Fitness Goals a few days back myself to help keep me motivated on my own fitness journey … all the very best for yours! 🙂


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