Which search engine do you use?


Courtesy of google.com


It’s the default and it’s always there. Right?

Yet, did you know that there are plenty of other search engines out there? I have to admit that I didn’t.

Recently I have been introduced to specialist Google search engines like Google Scholar and Google Books which, if you are a writer and are researching a topic, can be more relevant than a normal Google search.

Here are some others:

Bing Images – image search across the web including copywrite and use details

Europeana Collections – access to cultural artworks, artefacts and books situated in museums throughout Europe

Worldcat – worldwide library catalogue – access to more than 10,000 libraries

Refseek – a way to prioritise only academic sources

DuckDuckGo – general search engine that does not follow your searches (unlike Google so I have learned)

For research purposes I have found all of these search engines eye opening and with DuckDuckGo, I particularly like the layout and the way that the sources are easily signposted.

Try them out, you might be surprised at the results.

Any other search engines anyone can suggest?





12 thoughts on “Which search engine do you use?

  1. “DuckDuckGo is a legitimate search engine, which can be installed on the system manually or show up there out of nowhere. It has also released mobile versions for the Android and iPhone smartphones, too. While it has nothing in common with computer viruses and should not be called a virus, this doubtful program is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and a browser hijacker. That is because it may initiate annoying activities on your computer, like display commercial notifications, return altered search results or simply slow your Internet speed. Beware that this program may cause annoying DuckDuckGo redirects that might make you visit unknown websites that would never be promoted via Google or another reputable search engine.” From 2-Spyware.com


    • Thank you for that information. I have only found DuckDuckGo this week and I do like the way it displays things but, as you say here, it is worth being wary. Thanks so much for your input 🙂


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