Article writer? Think Readly

Helpful tips and advice on a yellow office noteAs a keen article writer I was thrilled to recently discover the Readly app. Essentially a magazine reading app it is linked to literally hundreds of magazine titles around the world. By downloading this app you can, at the touch of a button, read the latest edition or even a back copy of any one of those magazines. You can also download the magazines so that they are available when you are offline.

Readly is free to download and offers a free trial period which allows you a couple of days to test it out. After that it is a monthly fee of £7.99 (UK) but when you consider the sheer number of magazines that you can digitally read for that price, it is worth its weight in gold. You can also link multiple accounts to one app meaning that more than one member of your family can enjoy Readly  for the same monthly fee.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing better than physically leafing through your favourite magazine. Seeing the articles in all of their glory and inhaling the unique scent of glossy paper cannot be beaten, however, if like me you need to purchase a number of magazines for research, then it can be a costly activity. The last time I bought several magazines it cost me almost £20 and that was just for one edition of each. With Readly I can now access multiple editions of all of these magazines (and many more) at a price which is considerably more affordable.

serge bertasius photography

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If you haven’t tried out Readly yet then I really suggest that you do. As a source of inspiration for magazine markets then it is tough to be beat and once you get reading, it is oddly addictive. I have found myself reading articles in magazines that I know I never would have picked off the shelf and as a writer that can only be a good thing.

Does anyone else use Readly? Would love to hear your thoughts.





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