My 5k journey : Apps and Music

Female legs jogging on a trailAs a complete novice runner, I don’t really have any running tech and I had been using only the stopwatch on my phone as a guide for running times. My friend, however, introduced me the Map My Run app and I have to say that it has revolutionised my training.

When I trained for a 5k run a few years ago I signed up to Map My Run but purely so that I could plot my routes and work out how far I had gone. I never put it on my phone or used it as a running aid. That, though, has all changed.

The app is really simple to navigate and providing that you allow your phone to know your location, it will use GPS to track your route, thereby giving you accurate data at the end of your workout. Distances can be measured in both miles and kilometres and you can change any number of settings to have split times and feedback during your run – or not.

I had been happily using this app for a couple of weeks when I suddenly discovered that it had another feature. Music. Map My Run cleverly links to your phone’s playlist so, after downloading my updated music from iTunes, I was able to press the ‘music’ button on the app and hey presto – my training tunes were there.

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Last week I used the app for the first time with headphones and music in combination. Having set the music to begin automatically (and shuffle) I just started my run and let the app do the rest. Every kilometre my sound was interrupted (although it still played in the background) as I was given timing and data feedbacks and at the end of the run, I saved the workout. This gave me split times in addition to total distance as well as countless other useful pieces of information. What an app!

For me it does everything that I need it to and knowing that I can simply take my phone with me and nothing else, has made training just that little bit easier.

Anyone else have any great running technology tips?





4 thoughts on “My 5k journey : Apps and Music

  1. You’re a better woman than I that you get out there and get it done. I’m doing good to walk to the mailbox every day. It’s only two steps out my front door. I’m trying to get back in the habit of swimming every day. I need more excercise

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    • Thanks, Susan. I wish that I loved exercise but I don’t. I love chocolate and that’s why I have to exercise…not that it’s helping! Lol. I think one day I am going to have to accept the fact that chocolate might have to feature less in my life…. 😔

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