My 5k journey

I mentioned, in my first post back, that I was training to do a 5k run. This resulted in a few new followers to my blog (thank you) and so I thought it might be good to catalogue my 5k journey.

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Having signed up for the 5k version of the Great South Run, I took advantage of the training tool on their website and generated a personalised training plan. Although the run does not take place until October, I didn’t specify a date for completion of the plan as I am hoping to be ready sooner than that. I would like, ideally, to have at least one or two 5k runs under my belt before then and be well on my way to 10k (ha ha!). Anyhow, this means that my current training plan finishes at the end of June.

The first week consisted of run/walk sessions ranging from ten to fifteen minutes. Although everything creaked and groaned, the fact that I have previously trained – albeit in the dim and distant past – stood me in good stead and I was able to increase the running sections relatively quickly.

I am now into week three and have just completed my second ‘full’ running session. The first was for ten minutes and the second for fifteen. I would like to say that I enjoyed them but I have yet to get to that point, however, I did manage to complete them both. From hereon in there is no more walking and the sessions will continue to increase until I reach thirty minutes maximum. Credit to the plan though, the long sessions are interspersed with shorter ones so I am hopeful that I will be able to complete it without too much difficulty.

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Next session is fifteen minutes running, the one after that ten minutes and the one after that, twenty minutes. Twenty minutes sounds kind of serious to me so I’ll report back after that one!







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