Making time work for me

Does frustration ever hold you back? Do your days fly by without any real feeling of achievement?

If so, I am with you, 100%. Or rather, I was with you.

The onslaught of the school holidays means an inevitable dip in my schedule. Any ‘work’ time that I have, has to be planned in advance and a lack of this time during the holidays, has led to a little frustration.

debspoons via

debspoons via

Imagine my thrill yesterday then, when I discovered a seriously cool way to make time work for me. And kick frustration to the kerb in the process.

Consider if you will, the scene in my house late yesterday afternoon. Eldest child is ensconced upstairs along with the cat who is too scared to spend any time downstairs when youngest child is around. Husband is pottering around and I am watching my umpteenth hour of the Mii channel on the Wii (click here if you really want to see what it’s all about) whilst listening to aforementioned youngest, whingeing as only he can. It was obvious that the Mii channel for all of its charms was no longer working, thus, the only other option, was to take youngest for a drive.

Now, I don’t actually mind taking him for a drive but on a day when frustration was high, I was feeling a little fed up. Nevertheless, we got in the car and started on our way having no fixed plan in place. I drove aimlessly for a while before deciding to go along one of my favourite local roads. By some meteorological miracle the sun came out just as we began our journey and I gratefully breathed in the cleansing air and sheer beauty of our country.

Local countryside along my favourite road

Local countryside along my favourite road

As we passed a well frequented beauty spot I decided on impulse to pull in and snap a couple of photos. I figured I could use them in blog posts, articles, or anything really. Snaps taken I drove on and as I did so, I felt my frustration begin to melt away. The photographs became a pattern. Each time we passed something beautiful or of note, I stopped and snapped a quick image. When we hit the main routes a while later and the photo opportunities receded, I took pause and allowed my newly cleansed mind to wander. Just wander. It went to some truly strange places.

Same road - more beauty.

Same road – more beauty.

After about half an hour of wandering my head was bursting and so I called hubby back home, asking him to note down some random words. If he was perturbed when I told him to write down melatonin, local photographs, yoga and journey not wasted, he didn’t mention it. The longer I drove, the more these ideas took shape and by the time I got home I had some really solid material for both blog posts, articles and my latest writing course assignment.

nattavut via

nattavut via

Today, whilst ironing (and watching the Mii channel), I allowed the very same thing to happen. I let my mind roam wherever it wanted to go. As it wandered of its own free will an idea formed which I am certain will solve my temporary assignment block. I didn’t strain to find it, it just popped right on in – and this time I had my dictaphone to hand.

The net result from these two experiences is that I believe I have finally learned to embrace every moment and manipulate it to make it work for me. To prevent the feelings of frustration and under achievement and to make what I can from the available time that I have.

And all of this feels a hell of a lot better than throwing negative emotions at life.

What about you? Can you relate to this?





13 thoughts on “Making time work for me

  1. I find when I’m doing the ironing my mind wanders. I mean what else am I supposed to do while actually doing the most boring tedious task in the world! But yes, it’s great when you can wander and the answers just pop right in! Great photographs by the way.

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    • Thank you! Freeing my mind is not something I am particularly good at. And if I do succeed, you can guarantee that something or someone comes along to fill it up again! So, being able to enjoy those moments was actually, really precious. 😊

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