I love a good dongle!

Victor Habbick via freedigitalphotos.net

Victor Habbick via freedigitalphotos.net

Time was when the word ‘dongle’ either didn’t exist or if it did, it would have some obscure (more than likely risqué) meaning attached to it. Anyone under the age of fifteen would giggle at its mere mention. Alright, anyone above the age of fifteen too.

By necessity, I have however recently become acquainted with what a dongle actually is – when referring to it as a piece of technology (just in case anyone was still applying a very different meaning to it). My two recent encounters with these inanimate objects has left me rather impressed and I am now happy and proud to be a dongle lover.

My first experience was when my laptop somehow lost its WiFi capability. Having spoken to a technical expert who told me that all laptops had a shelf life of around three years (!) I drove to my nearest gadget shop and purchased a dongle that would give my laptop its WiFi back. Amazing.

This experience though did not end as anticipated. By the time I returned home and began to unpack the said dongle, my laptop realised its mistake and, clearly in fear of having another thing inserted into it, decided to re-acquaint itself with its own WiFi. The dongle found its way back to the shop.

My second encounter with a dongle has far surpassed this first experience and even now, a week or so after its purchase, I am still very much in love. What, you may ask, is this dongle?

Well…I don’t want you to get too carried away but…it’s a dongle that provides mobile WiFi. Ta da!

Okay, nothing new I know, but for me it’s awesome! I have this cute little thing that looks like a gear lever that I plug into a 12v (car or similar socket) and bam! I have internet.

2015-08-05 20.46.26

There are some who would argue that having internet everywhere is too much and I can see that point of view. I mean, seriously, do I need to be WiFi enabled in my car? Probably not. But hey, I am loving the fact that I am. And it is via that very dongle that I am able to post this right now. We are away on holiday in our little folding camper and because it has a 12v socket, the dongle came with me. No longer do we check we’ve packed our undies – oh no…we check we’ve packed the dongle. To be fair I did make sure that I packed something to wash with…

Joking apart though, this small piece of kit has totally amazed me. Technology today is way beyond anything we could have imagined back in the days of huge great big mainframe computers and ticker tape systems. To have something this small create a WiFi environment on the go is pretty much mind-blowing.

Just thought I’d share…





2 thoughts on “I love a good dongle!

  1. Lovely post AnnMarie and I share your wonder of technology. I think it’s just amazing what it has enabled us to do and achieve. Smart phones really blow my mind. Mine goes everywhere with me.

    Thanks for reminding us just how incredible these things are that we increasingly take for granted. Oh and glad you like the dongle. Sounds very handy. 😉

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